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Post by hueys on Tue Dec 01, 2009 2:31 pm

Hello, im bart(know as hueys) and this is my gm app.

name:Bart willems




playing time: After work,day off,and evry weekend i log on some time.i kinda log on almost evry.

Why should you choose me?: i dont get frustrated easly and i always stay nice ,i like to have make fun and help ofcourse, i can be funny and weir but when i say STOP its stop,... I like to fix problems , like server problems, or i like to say my idea's to make it more fun and better.

Why do i want to be a GM?:I like to help people or other gm's or admins to make the server better and i like fair play.

GM Experience: i only have 1 gm experience but thats like 1year a go or longer and only for 1week and server closed ,but all experience is welcome i geuss.

More about me:What i do for work,i install solair plates on houses en other electricien stuff, i do fitness , so i like to perform more then there is(i guess thats a good point) i do football because i like teamplay and for the rest i just like to have fun with friends and making contacts.

Thank you for reading my GM app.
(srry for the bad english really doing my best.I can understand almost evry thing, i just cant type it vrry well, but i got a transelator for help and i learn fast)

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Level 45%

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