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Post by hueys on Mon Nov 23, 2009 2:22 pm


im hueys
my real name is bart
im 19 years old
im working now as somthing that i dont know in english (WTF)lol

my studie's are electricien domotic's and industrial engine's and that weird stuff
my english is bad,because thats somthing i didnt learn in school but i do my best.

more of myself:

im 1m80 i got blue eyes, brown hair,i like to go out with friends, i love girls but yeah who dosnt
hmmm i kinda play maplestory because its kinda funny but still some cool game

my hobby's are : fitness,football,drinking,drinking,drinking,having fun with friends,drinking,driving around and doing stuff that u better not know,drinking,eating,drinking,going to party's liiikkee hmm evry weekend, so im a social persone because im not some 1 that can stay still all day and do nothing or getting bored

ow yeah i live in Belgium/Antwerp/mechelen , i speak dutch ofcourse.
i dont like that ppl act like little stupid kids, but i like ppl with all ages if they just act normal(funny stuff always welcome ofcourse, i act weird to some times)

well that kinda it if there are more question just post here and i let u know

Ps: srry for the baaaaaaaaaaaad english


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